Mar. 22nd, 2015 03:40 pm
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Yay! I have a working computer again! Yay! I missed everyone!
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I think I need to see Godzilla again, this time without the 3D.

On another note, I also think I will need to kick saving money up a notch to afford getting a new phone, because the one I want, on the plan I want is going to cost me not quite a thousand bucks up front. I am leaning toward the Galaxy 5s right now, though the Sony Xperia also looks attractive. My biggest problem (besides shelling out so much money for a phone) is trying to figure out how to use the phone. All those features and stuff are rather daunting for someone who is upgrading from a simple flip-style phone.

In the meantime, I should go see Godzilla again.
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Damn it, this comic actually made me cry. Tears down the face cry.


He just looks so sad and empty at the end. WAAAAH
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Damn, it! Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out for PS4! This means I'm gonna have to get a PS4! (I think there is a reason why the 4 is also the key for $ on a keyboard.)
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This year's Otakon is going to be the Otakon where you really, really, really won't be able to do everything you want to.

Go Epic 20!
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I wasn't even looking, and I made a random doodle that looks like a smiley Cthulu face. I love my brain.
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*sigh* Dear writers. I know that I am being nitpicky, but...the pupil is the dark circle in the middle of the eye that allows light to pass through. If it is to work properly, it should be black. The iris is the part of the eye that should be moss green, sapphire blue or red and yellow plaid.

Thank you.
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Just got back from the Takoma Park farmers' market. I got some yummy-looking squash and sugar snap peas. Also, got a pretty good deal on some bison steak and chocolate milk, as well as some spelt rolls. If I get a whole loaf, half of it goes to waste, so I think the rolls will be easier to deal with. Also stopped at the Ace Hardware store and got a new toilet seat. I don't think I like those padded ones--if the vinyl tears, it's really annoying and painful to use.

The Takoma Park jazz festival is going on today as well. They had just started as I left, and a cute young college guy was up on the main stage. Cute, good piano, but his voice really isn't cut out for blues.

Nevertheless, I think that if I can get all my chores done and my headache goes away, I'll pop back over there for some sweet, sweet jazz to end my weekend. I think that a bunch of my muses like jazz. Kyo will sit in the back of my head and listen for hours, Andi lounges to it, and I think it makes Everett horny for some reason.
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Wow, it's been a few years since we actually had tax day on the 15th.

So here is what I could find this year for Tax Day Specials:

Office Depot will allow you to print up to 25 b/w copies for free, and shred up to 5 pounds of documents.

Arby's is offering free potato cakes or curly fries.

Boston Market has 2 rib meals for $10.40

I'm sure there are others, but nothing that hit me as interesting. Anyone else find something?
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Oh god, I hate Spring. Already my eyes are itchy and watering, I'm wheezing, sniffling, sneezing and honking out icky goo. Pretty much all non-drowsy meds do not work for me, so I'm either dozing off or rubbing my eyes and blowing my nose for weeks. Normally I'd just wish to skip this season and go straight to Summer, but I just discovered something that might redeem Spring for me.

Ferrero Eggs.

A crispy wafer egg with almost liquid cocoa cream center, covered in dark chocolate. I need to find more.
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I just noticed something: looking at the keyboard while I type actually makes me slower than when I don't look.

Also, to jump to another subject, I liked Persona 4 the video game, but Persona 4 the Animation just about killed me. I didn't think it would work, but it does! The gags are actually better when done in the anime--they flow much smoother--and the slide of days back and forth work pretty well. I have watched it both dubbed and subtitled, and both are pretty darned good.

I got to see our crocuses in the yard yesterday. I love the color and am so glad they are taking root. So pretty.

A couple of weeks ago, Laura, Leslie and Nancy came to visit and we saw the Kodo concert. Taiko drums really move me. They were pretty darned good. The troupe was smaller compared to previous years, but they were still fantastic, and their re-working of the older pieces to compensate for the absences were very well thought out. And after that, we all crashed in a hotel and it was a lot of fun! I just wish we'd had one more day together. Everything happened so fast, we didn't get to do a bunch of stuff I'd have liked to. Oh well, there's always next time (and there will be a next time).

I am totally hooked on Final Fantasy Theatrhythm, even though I basically have no rhythm. But I have been playing so much that I'm getting hand-crampy, so I put that aside for a while. I'm now playing Paper Mario again because that game does not require me to use the stylus at all. I do need something to do while on my long trip to and from work.

For easter, I made supper for me and a friend. I baked a ham, made corn pasta (she's allergic to wheat gluten) with squash, zucchini, red bell peppers and onions. It turned out too spicy for me, but she liked it. Fortunately, I also made a batch of mashed potatoes with butter, sour cream and dill & onion quark (quark is a soft, spreadable cheese sort of like sour cream and cream cheese mixed together), baked with sharp cheddar cheese on top. Needless to say, there is going to be a lot of ham and mashed potato action for lunch this week.

Hmm...anything else?...oh yeah. I totally need to get the disks of Boys on the Slope. I've been watching it on Crunchyroll, and I've decided that I want to have copies. The animation of the drums an piano are amazing, and the plot follows the manga very closely. I also need the soundtrack, as I love jazz, and Yoko Kano did the arrangement for this, and she knows jazz.
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My wishes to everyone for a very happy new year. May we have many good things and only just enough bad things to appreciate what we have. Blessings to you all. I may not see you, may be bad at keeping in touch, but you are all in my thoughts and in my heart.

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I'm back from the walk! I did the whole three miles, and I swear almost half of it was walking around and in the Nationals stadium, but we also walked along the river, and it was gorgeous. Beautiful weather.

There were a lot of people, though--more than I thought. The paths were at times too narrow, and things slowed to a crawl, which was annoying. I have my own pace, and I didn't think it was that fast, but going slower actually hurts my feet more than walking fast does.

Still, did all three miles in about 75 minutes: a good pace for me. LM had a HUGE number of people walking, some of which came from southern Virginia and Pennsylvania. It was fun.
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Just in case there are people out there who have not yet played Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 in its various versions and are worried about spoilers, I'm going to cut this.

Cut for spoiler stuff )

In any case, I'm just rambling. Too sleepy...must get rest tonight so I can walk tomorrow.
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Something I noticed while staring at the KH 3D opening again--Riku is ripped. Sora may have nice muscles, but he's still scrawny. Riku, on the other hand, is ripped. He needs to stop wearing baggy clothes so he can show this off.

But this (and the entire game) is going to have to wait.


Sorry, guys. True english gentlemen top young muscle any day in my book.
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Last week, I broke down and bought a Nintendo 3DS XL. It's basically a 3DSi with a screen almost twice as large. I bought it because the newest Professor Layton was coming out on October 30th for the 3DSi, and I pre-ordered that. While waiting, though, I decided to get Kingdom Hearts 3D - Dream Drop Distance.

My god. I don't know whether to say "Thank you SquareEnix" or "I really HATE you, SquareEnix".

First, the non-spoiler stuff.

Dudes, the opening is EPIC. Seriously. And since it's just re-cap of KH1, KH2 and I think KHBBS (I haven't played this one), it's not really spoiler-y. But the graphics and the summary of the story is breathtaking in art and music direction, timing, and...and...I wanted to cry for joy by the time it was almost over. You can find clips of the opening on YouTube, but only of the top screen movie, and unlike the other hand-held game episodes, the opening requires you to see both the top and the touch screen to get the full effect.

Battles are real-time, and here is where I think that SquareEnix is advocating genetic mutation. The 3DS has both a "+" control pad and a 360 degree joystic pad as well as an L button and R button on the top of the device, A/B/X/Y buttons. And you have to use ALL OF THESE CONTROLS IN BATTLE. Sometimes two at once. And what is worse? The + pad that controls your special actions selections (like spells) and the joystick pad are on the same side. That's right, you have to use the same freaking hand to move around as you do to choose cura/fire/strike raid, etc. So you can imagine how hard it is to dodge an attack while trying to get to your fireball spell in the menu.

There is only one camera view, that follows behind your character, and it is very sensitive to turns. You can pan with the L and R buttons, but you can't look up or down. One of the things I liked about KH Re:Coded was that you could choose a pulled-back view that allowed you to see more of your surroundings, but sadly, they removed this view from KH 3D.

There are some great mini-games included in the story, including an interesting travelling game used to get between worlds. It is mandatory to do the first time you visit a world, but once that world is opened, you can redo it again or skip it on your next visit. And they will often have goals, like "get 10 stars before the goal" or something.

There is also a "card battle" game that involves pitting a team of pets that you collect/make (I'll get to that in a minute) against either computer-generated teams, or teams of friends who you can link to through your 3DS.

And speaking of pets, you can create pets called "dream eaters" in this game from fragments and items like potions and skills. They are not just for playing the card battle, but will follow you around and aid you in battles and boss battles.

Read more... )And now for the spoiler parts )
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I very much dislike fundraising for myself. Not for others, but just for myself--funny, I know. I just don't feel comfortable asking others for money, and especially after this year, when so many of my friends are dealing with unexpected issues and problems.

But this coming weekend, I will be participating in the American Heart Association Heart Walk at the Nationals stadium in DC. If you happen to have a spare dollar or five, I would be greatly honored if you consider sponsoring me in my walk (or in my case, wheezy waddle).

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I have a question for my friends out there who write. I've been looking at a lot of short stories lately, and I've been wondering something: how do you make a good short story? And by short, I mean really short. Less than 1,000 words short.

From what I've looked at, in order to keep it short, you either have to take characters that people already know so that you don't have to character build, or put a character into the middle of a situation and hope that you can build the plot enough so that you don't have to build the characters up too much.

What do you do?
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Wouldn't a Video Game fast food place be cool? But what one would serve?

HP - Home fries
SP - Sweet potato fries
Potion S/M/L - Coffee S/M/L
X Potion - Espresso maybe?
Elixir - Chocolate shake
The Claude - Steak Sandwich
The Strife - Emu burger with bbq sauce
Gremio - Beef stew in a bread bowl
Amaterasu - Chicken salad w/ bacon & provolone and lots of greens on a sub roll
The Mario - Salami, pepperoni, genoa ham on an italian roll with provolone, mozzarella, tomatos, lettuce and a spicy italian dressing

As you can see, I only really know RPGs. Any ideas?

Okami Den!

Mar. 13th, 2012 09:28 pm
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I wasn't sure about it, but I ended up getting Okami Den, the second Okami. It's for the Nintendo DS. It basically occurs nine months after the first Okami. Yes, nine months.

And yes, that means that you play Chibiterasu, son of the great Amaterasu.

Without going into any big spoilers, the characters you meet are about 50% new characters and 50% old characters. You do meet Issun during game training, but he is Amaterasu's Celestial Envoy, not yours, so he will only walk you through the controls in the game. In fact, you will change partners quite often through the story.

Speaking of the controls, that is one of my beefs with the game--there are too many things to control and not enough controls. Particularly the battles; to really get good scores in battles, you need to have about three hands--one to run the buttons, one to control the camera and one to hold the stylus for when you want to do brush strokes.

The camera angles are also horrible. You can only move the camera on the outside land areas, not in dungeons or towns, and you can't pull the camera back at all--if you're in a close up, you can't pull back to see the floating fireball about to throw itself at you.

But oh man, the story is great! It really keeps the feel of the original game, and the humor is light. The new characters are fun, and the old characters ping true.

All-in-all a good game, though I am not sure I will be playing it again.

Anyone want to borrow it?